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Lipman Nurit Pinpad 292

National Bankcard Terminals: Lipman Nurit Pinpad 292

The NURIT 292 from Lipman is a powerful, programmable, multi-functional PIN Pad offering comprehensive security. Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident, and Tamper-Responsive, this sophisticated unit incorporates multiple key management techniques to protect against fraudulent intrusion and corruption. Safeguarding transactions - as well as application and key downloads - it meets the highest international security requirements, including Visa & MasterCard and ISO 9564. It supports all major payment types, as well as a wide range of applications, and easily interfaces with peripheral devices. It is compatible with all Lipman terminals & ECRs, as well as third party POS systems.

**All credit card equipment pricing is only valid with a merchant account from National Bankcard. For non-merchant account pricing please call 1-800-991-2291.**

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Additional Information

The NURIT 292 is designed for the high degree of security required for EMV, electronic purse, and other Smart Card applications as well as for other PIN Pad transactions. The degree of security is selected according to specific customer needs.

Incorporating today’s most advanced techniques, this tamper-resistant, tamper-evident and tamper-responsive unit protects users from fraudulent intrusion and corruption. The PIN Pad can destroy all keys and other sensitive data immediately upon detecting tampering, making further use impossible.

The integrity of card transactions – as well as the downloading of applications and keys - is assured through the use of multiple key management schemes, including Master/Session and DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction).


  • Handles all major payment, including EMV debit and credit transactions
  • Supports a wide range of applications including loyalty, customer identification, and electronic cash
  • Interfaces easily with POS terminals and electronic registers (ECRs)


User Interface:
  • B & W LCD
  • 128 x 64 picel graphical display
  • 52.6mm (2.1") x 27mm (1.1")
  • 15 Ergonomic Keypad
  • Multi-Language Font Support

Smart Card Reader: Front Entry,  ISO 7816 contact,  Long Life; 100K transactions, EMV Level 1 Approved

Processor and Memory:

  • 32-Bit ARM processor for fast criptography
  • 1 MB Flash Memory (2 Mb Optional)
  • 128 KB (512 KB optional) secure RAM Key Storage
  • One Year battery backup minimum

Software: Powerful and proven (NOS 7) Nurit Operating System, Approved EMB Level 2 Kernel, Same applications run on all Lipman Terminals

Security Options:
  • Secure PIN entry and encription
  • Tamper-responsive key erasure
  • Tamper Evident
  • RSA signature secured download
  • Visa PED
  • DUKPT, Master/Session Key, Fixed Key
  • DES and Triple DES
  • MAC generation
  • Meets ANSI X3, 92 X9, 24, X9, 8

Approvals: Visa PED, EMB Level 1 & 2, FCC part 15,CE

Power Input: Via PIN Pad Connector

Dimensions: 39mm x 81mm x 170mm (1.5" x 3.3" x 6.7")

Weight: 230g / .5 lbs