Process Credit Card with QuickBooks while saving on merchant account costs.

Do you currently process your customers' card payments through QuickBooks but would like the flexibility of choosing a merchant service provider of your choice, preferably one with lower processing rates and fees than you are currently paying?

National Bankcard offers merchant account programs with No Setup Fees, No Annual Fees, No Long Term Contracts and some of the most competitive processing rates and fees in the industry. National Bankcard has teamed up with Comstar Interactive to offer Comstar Interactive's Payment Gateway Plug-In designed to work with QuickBooks, a product that you already know and use everyday. Start accepting your customer's card payments through your current QuickBooks software package along with one of National Bankcard's competitively priced merchant processing programs.

What are the System Requirements: The Comstar Plug-in works with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier Edition and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Work seamlessly with you existing set-up: The Comstar Plug-In designed to work with QuickBooks and doesn’t affect the functionality of your QuickBooks product - it enhances it. Simply process a credit card payment directly from an invoice and the payment is automatically applied to the invoice.

Eliminate time-consuming data entry: If you have a Point of Sale terminal (Landline, Wireless, IP, or WiFi) you can import the transactions from this terminal directly into your QuickBooks file. Comstar's Plug-In also automatically creates payments from each transaction processed. 

Process recurring payments quickly and easily: If you have multiple invoices to process, you can filter by account, customer or data range. Once you set the filter, invoices are processed in seconds, with a click of you mouse. A status screen displays the results of each transaction in a user-friendly and easy to understand format. 

Get the reassurance you need: If you ever run into issues processing credit cards or have questions regarding a transaction, don't worry. The Plug-In is like all other terminals accessing the Comstar Gateway. You can view all transaction details in real-time on the web.

The Comstar Plug-In eliminates time consuming steps and reduces work time so you can spend more time running your business.

The Comstar Plug-In Offers these Features:

  • Process Payments Directly from Invoices
  • Automatically Creates Payments
  • Process Recurring Payments
  • Import Transactions processed via POS Terminals
  • Process Returns and Voids

To learn more about processing solutions compatible with QuickBooks simply click the button below or speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representative by calling 800-991-2291.

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