Check solutions that accelerate cash flow

National Bankcard has teamed up with TeleCheck to deliver check acceptance solutions that help merchants accelerate cash flow, lower operating expenses, increase sales, and take fewer trips to the bank. No matter what type of business you operate, TeleCheck can help you expand your customers' payment options.

With TeleCheck's Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA), services merchants can convert paper checks into electronic payments right at the point of sale and have the funds delivered directly into their bank account. Merchants have the option to select either a verification or warranty service in accepting a customer's check. The check verification service provides efficiency and security by helping merchants expedite the processing and handling of checks and reduce fraudulent actions..

How it Works: The TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) Verification service is one of the industry's most sophisticated check verification systems. It gives you the confidence to accept more checks, while reducing bank fees and processing costs. The system screens checks against information from hundreds of thousands of businesses and financial institutions, minimizing the risks associated with check acceptance. TeleCheck uses leading risk assessment technology and extensive check writer negative and activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting a check. If the check meets the verification requirements, the TeleCheck ECA Verification service converts the paper check into an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is used to process the transaction and funds are deposited directly into the merchant's bank account in approximately two business days. You will see an improvement in cash flow with faster funding. With electronic check processing you return the check to the consumer at the time of the sale while protecting your customer's personal information.

Rest Assured: TeleCheck also offers the Telecheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) Warranty service which combines the industry's most sophisticated check acceptance system with a warranty service option for "peace of mind" over returned check liability. With the Warranty service, if a check is returned, TeleCheck manages the entire collections process giving you more time to focus on your customers.

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