National Bankcard's Gift Card program is easy to setup

Gift Cards were once exclusive to large chains and department stores but are now available to businesses of all types and sizes. Whether your business is established or brand new, gift cards are effective way to encourage brand loyalty and receive money in advance for gifts that will be purchased in the future. Let National Bankcard help you start your Gift Card program today.

Gift Card program benefits for your business:

Customize your gift cards for increased advertising potential: Choose from a variety of designs and then add your business name/logo or, create your own cards based on custom artwork. Each gift card is like a mini billboard sitting in your customers' wallets.

  • Reduce Fraud: Gift cards have enhanced security, and have no value until activated by staff at the time of purchase.
  • Increase Sales: Over 60% of customers spend more than the initial face value loaded on the gift card.
  • New Merchandise: Attract new customers and increase impulse purchases by prominently displaying gift cards at the point-of-sale and around your store or restaurant.
  • Save Valuable Time: With gift cards, there are none of the time-consuming manual processes involved with traditional paper gift certificates, such as writing out the certificate and getting an authorized signature.
  • Powerful Promotion Tool: Offer gift cards to reward top customers (i.e. receive a $10 gift card for every purchase you make over $200).
  • No Change or Cash Back: With gift cards, the outstanding balance remains on the card, so you never have to give cash back. 19% of customers never spend the full value on the card and any remaining balances go straight to your bottom line.
  • Added Bonus: 15% of Gift cards values are never redeemed. Gift cards that go unredeemed or are allowed to expire generate 100% profit.

All Gift Card Programs come with:

Many accessories including Counter-Top Display, Card Sleeves, Decals, Quick Reference Guide, Program Download Details and Internet Reporting. 

One Color Pre-Designed Starter Kits come with the above listed marketing materials as well either 25 or 100 Gift Cards. The cards can be personalized with your business name and/or other information.

Custom Starter Kits come in ONE COLOR and FOUR COLOR cards and include all of the above listed marketing materials. These kits come with 100 cards in the case of the One Color Custom Starter Kit or 250 cards in the case of the Four Color Custom Starter Kit. 

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