Many of today's businesses need the ability to process credit cards and debit cards on the go.

Today's business owner is not always in a fixed storefront location, especially if his or her business is a delivery, limousine or taxi service; a home repair contracting company; or participates in trade shows or fairs. National Bankcard’s wireless merchant account solutions allow you to serve customers in new locations and make it easier to up sell additional services for increased revenue. We offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions for the wireless merchant. 

We recommend purchasing a wireless credit card terminal using the GRPS network. This will enable you to efficiently process credit cards and debit cards from almost anywhere in the United States. National Bankcard offers several wireless credit card terminal options including, solutions that will allow your business to accept card payments through your wireless laptop. By accessing the Authorize.Net VPOS site via the Internet, you will have the ability to swipe your customer's card payments through a Magtek card reader connected to your computer via a USB cable. Visit the Authorize.Net product description page to view more details. 

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